The Yellow Vest Saga, As Reported by Vincent Lapierre (Acts 3-6, 8-15, & 18-21)

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Act 21: Death to the Stock Market!

On April 6, thanks to the call made by the group Yellow Vest Special Ops, more than 10,000 Yellow Vests gathered at 1 p.m. on Place de la République in order to march onto La Défense. In an Act 21 mixed between the attempt of political and union infiltrations and a will to regenerate the movement, what will be born out of this confrontation between the revolted people and the ivory towers of Paris’ financial district? Thibault and the team of the Média Pour Tous will bring you the answer in this report!

Act 20: The Sleeping Beauty

On March 30, thousands of Yellow Vests gathered for the 20th consecutive week throughout France in order to protest against Macron and his government. The Yellow Vests from Southwestern France met up in Bordeaux for a demonstration gathering between 5,000 and 10,000 marchers: the opportunity for Vincent Lapierre and his team to meet up with all of them… and launch the first regional branch of the Média Pour Tous, with Pierre on the mic!

Act 19: Plan B

After a hectic March 16 protest, the Yellow Vests met up at Sacré-Cœur for Act 19. Vincent Lapierre and the Média Pour Tous team were there to observe and examine this historic social movement, still up and running… 

Act 18: A Turning Point for the Yellow Vests

The Yellow Vests gathered in front of the National Assembly, on Wednesday March 13th, to protest against the privatization of Paris Airports and La Française des jeux, Three days later, Act 18 took place on the Champs-Élysées. The Média Pour Tous Team was there to cover the event.

Act 15: Yellow Vests in Custody

Act 15 of the Yellow Vest movement took place all over France on Saturday February 23rd. It was an opportunity for Vincent Lapierre and his team to measure not only the strength of the movement in Paris, but also the intransigence of law enforcement officials in their treatment of Yellow Vests such as our friendly reporter, Vincent, who, for dubious reasons, like thousands of other protests, ended up being held in custody for 24 hours.

Act 14: Vincent Lapierre Reports on the Antifa-Led Manhunt Against the Yellow Vests

On February 16, 2019, the Yellow Vests met up for the 14th week in a row to voice their discontent against Macron’s policies. The movement has not lost ground. In fact, over 10,000 people calmly took to the streets of Paris to take on a particularly long route: 13 kilometers, and at quite a rapid pace! This neither dissuaded the Yellow Vests nor the antifas, who, we should note, are still there, vindictive of those who don’t think like them, such as Vincent Lapierre and his team. The government and mainstream media did not rise up against this manhunt. They were much more vocal about the antizionist insults aimed at Mr. Finkelkraut, a while back.


Act 13: Antifas Have Hijacked the Yellow Vest Movement!

Vincent Lapierre and the Média Pour Tous team were in Paris to cover Act 13 of the Yellow Vest movement, taking place on Saturday February 9, 2019. It was a great opportunity for the team to observe the evermore visible infiltration of violent “antifascists”, whom law enforcement officers didn’t even try to stop…

Act 12: Antifas Assault Vincent!

On Saturday February 2nd, the Média Pour Tous team was in Toulouse for Act 12 of the Yellow Vest Movement. Little did the Média Pour Tous team know that its report would be cut short by a group of “antifascists“, which was clearly hostile to freedom of speech – or at least to the Media Pour Tous’s freedom of speech, as the mainstream media didn’t incur any problems with them…

Act 11: Yellow Vests and Red Scarves

Saturday January 26th was a big day for the Yellow Vests, who took to the streets for Act 11 of their movement. We should note that the situation is increasingly tense in Paris. The four crowds were supposed to meet up at Bastille but were prevented from doing so by law enforcement officials, who also made it impossible for protesters to do their thing during Yellow Night at Place de la République; and all this even though the protest was declared to the prefecture. The next day, the Red Scarves marched from Nation to Bastille to voice their opposition to the Yellow Vest protests. Vincent Lapierre and his Média Pour Tous team were there to report on each of these events.

Act 10: The Constituent Yellow Vests (featuring Etienne Chouard)

On January 18, the first Agora of the year took place at the Zénith of Toulon, featuring some exciting guests, such as  Etienne Chouard. 1,200 people, a majority of whom were Yellow Vests, showed up to the event to learn how they themselves can write the rules of a new social contact. Vincent Lapierre and the Media Pour Tous team were also there. The next day, he and his team joined the good people of Toulon in Act 10 of the Yellow Vest revolt.

Act 9: The Yellow Vests are Full of Determination!

Unlike what the mainstream media tries have us believe, the Yellow Vests are still very much determined. On January 12, several thousands of protesters calmly took to the streets of Paris for Act 9, before finding themselves surrounded by law enforcement officers at Place de L’Etoile. Of course, Vincent Lapierre and his Media Pour Tous team were there to report on what really happened that day…

Act 8: Has the Yellow Vest Movement Run Out of Gas?

Much has been written on Act 8 of the Yellow Vest revolt. After all, it makes sense: this national protest, held on Saturday January 5, 2019, was of crucial importance. The question is: could the Yellow Vest movement regain its momentum, so as to start off the new year on a strong note?

Act 6 of the Yellow Vest Revolt

December 22, 2018 was a big milestone for the Yellow Vests, who got together for the sixth straight time. Did they manage to meet up both in a pacifistic way and in large numbers, as planned? How did the authorities react to the new strategies being devised to reduce their control over the Yellow Vests? What role did Eric Drouet (the spokesperson for the Yellow Vests) have in all this? That’s what Vincent Lapierre and his Media Pour Tous team tried to find out, through field research.

Act 5 of the Yellow Vest Revolt

On Saturday December 15, the Yellow Vests protested against Macron and his reforms, all across France, for the fifth straight time. Between acts 4 and 5, quite a few events appeared to have rattled the Yellow Vest movement: Macron’s deceptive promises, the excessive repression during act 4, the terrorist attack in Strasbourg and the measures adopted in the aftermath of this attack… not to mention the mainstream media’s attempts at dissuading the Yellow Vests from putting a halt to the country’s economy. How did all this impact the Yellow Vest movement? That’s what Vincent and his team tried to find out first-hand on the Champs-Élysées…

Act 4 of the Yellow Vest Revolt

On December 8, the Yellow Vests met up on the Champs-Élysées for the third time, to pacifically protest against Macron and his government… As one would expect, they received no help from the authorities, who, after using the media to try to dissuade Yellow Vests from protesting, orchestrated a police crackdown of rare violence. But to what end? That’s what Vincent and his Media Pour Tous team tried to find out by attending the event.

A Deep Dive Into Act 3 of the French Wage Slave’s Revolt Against Usury

Saturday, December 1st (Act 3 of the Yellow Vest Revolt) will forever be engraved in French history. The “Yellow Vests”, i.e. French people who see right through the left-right divide, rose up and took over the Arc de Triomphe and other iconic places. We have here a “yellow revolt” – a pacifistic movement, sure, but over which the police had little control. Vincent Lapierre and the Média Pour Tous team were at the heart of the action that day. We should note that, in hindsight, the December 1 protest was much more intense than the one on December 8. As such, watch this video to see what happened on December 1, and, most importantly, to get first-hand insight on what it’s like to be in the middle of a serious popular revolt in a historic city. 


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